10 Things My 1st Trimester Taught Me

Happy Friday Sunflowers! Thank you all SO much for the lovely sentiments regarding expecting Baby Sunshine! Words cannot express how excited we are ;=)

Now that we are well into our 2nd trimester, I thought I’d share the top 10 things I that I learned during the first trimester. Pregnancy is an experience like none other – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It’s been particularly interesting how your pregnancy affects others including loved ones, friends and even strangers (more on that in 2nd trimester lessons).

  1. Mr. DrummerBoy is exactly who I thought him to be – an amazing partner and provider. From his initial excitement to accompanying me to every doctor’s appointment to stepping up around the house when I was just too fatigued to cook, clean, etc. to watching him interact with our baby in utero, I can’t imagine having this experience with anyone other than him.
  2. My body is no longer my own. Eating one meal/day? Negative. Staying up until midnight? Yeah, right. Having a casual relationship with the restroom? Ain’t nobody got time for that! I have spent more time tinkling in my first trimester than I have my entire life. WTH?!
  3. Pregnancy has tamed my inner social butterfly! Actually I can’t really blame this on being a direct side effect of pregnancy but rather a conscious choice. Since becoming pregnant, I’ve chosen to spend less time out and about and am really taking this time to enjoy nesting (I AM still a newlywed) and spending time with those closest to me. No complaints here 🙂
  4. There are perks to being AMA (Advanced Maternal Age). Apparently being over 35 years old grants me the privilege of being categorized as AMA. Although it’s obnoxious constantly being reminded that you are too old by society’s standards to have a child, there is an upside. AMA = more comprehensive medical care, including genetic testing galore. In my first trimester, I had doctor appointments every two weeks. Now that I think about, it really gave us a chance to really get to know our obstetrics team which makes me feel more at ease about our delivery experience.
  5. We are super blessed to have decent medical coverage (despite almost having my pregnancy be identified as a pre-existing condition that was not eligible for coverage O_o, chile…bye). Maternal care is expensive. I am really interested in working with an organization that supports pregnant women who are less fortunate so please let me know if you are aware of any in the DMV.
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much conflicting “advice”. Between my multiple pregnancy apps, expectant mom blogs and groups and e’rebody and their momma, I have serious information overload about what to/what not to eat, do and expect. So if it didn’t come from MY momma, MY doctor or MY gut (gotta start honing my mommy intuition anyway, right?), chances are I’m going to keep it moving.
  7. Pregnancy experiences differ greatly. Thus far, I have been blessed to have a very easygoing pregnancy. So ummm yeah…if you have a problem with that, please see my conclusion in #6.
  8. My decision to cancel all of my subscription boxes was short-lived once I discovered one for expecting moms #score (post coming soon!)
  9. Not all pregnant women get “D bellies”. Early on in my pregnancy I had questions specifically related to being a plus-size pregnant woman. After getting no help (and a couple of laughs) from my non plus size family members, I came across this site and this post about B bellies. Pretty interesting don’t you think?
  10. We have some pretty awesome family & friends whose excitement is just as palpable as ours! Baby Sunshine is so lucky to be surrounded by love.

I can’t wait to see what the 2nd trimester brings. Can you relate to any of my 1st trimester lessons? Any words of wisdom for the 2nd trimester? Know of any orgs that support pregnant women? Leave your sunshine below.



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  1. Love the signature! I learned so much from this post. Who knew there was a B belly?! This is all so exciting!
    Karen recently posted..Birthday Wish ListMy Profile

  2. My only advice is DOCUMENT!!! I look back at my preggo pics and pregnancy journal and crack up. A lot of what my son did in utero he does now. i.e. being a night owl LOL. Enjoy every second. Seriously. This past 11 wks has went so fast. I can’t believe how big he is now 🙁

  3. Yes all 3 of my pregnancies were different and alike… just like my daughters are :0). I enjoyed all three of them, It is something I always wanted to be was a mother and their dad, my husband was so very helpful and supportive as was my family and friends. I had different things that bothered me in the first trimester: onions ( I loved) & peanuts gave me indigestion &”hop’n gator beer” I could not stand the smell of it (no, I did not drink during pregnancy) others I cannot remember. Would get sleepy and could not be the night owl that I was and am.

  4. Congrats mama! Love the post. So true!
    Shannon Gosney recently posted..Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies with KidsMy Profile

  5. I was a size 10 but I still ended up with a B belly 🙁

  6. So happy for your new blessing to come! I agree with what Tiff said, document this journey with pictures, feelings, things that made you miserable and bought you joy, all the weird craving. I wish I would have done that with my first child, because my other kids adore reading all about their “pregnancy”.

  7. First, I’m so over the moon for you right now! Mommy Nae!!!!! 🙂 Second.. I had no idea there was anything called a B-Belly or a D-Belly. At the time I got pregnant I was 26 and considered high risk. I didn’t discover I was pregnant until I was 4 months into it. I was tired A LOT and having a LOT of digestive issues (Are you having that as well?) Initially I saw a gastric specialist whose sonogram pointed out the pregnancy. LOL Soooo my 1st trimester was really about my organs moving around making room for the baby but I didn’t know. From there, things happened so fast I didn’t even bother to look into specific things about a plus size pregnancy. Thanks for the heads up (in case there’s another for me in the future) 🙂

    FYI – You might get a wrinkle in your nose if you ever get a hold of your paperwork from your delivery. If you think being labeled AMA is annoying…..I managed to read my paperwork and saw where I was noted as being “obese.” O_O Really and I thought I was fairly small for a pregnant woman who is normally a 16 but only went up two (maybe four) sizes.
    MahoganieJadeBrowne recently posted..Flo-ing With Marcus JohnsonMy Profile

  8. So happy re: #1! I had the opposite experience and it turned what should be an exciting time into a depressing time! But after delivery, it made me wiser and stronger. Go kiss the hubby on the cheek for being so sweet:) I will def. appreciate that in the future with number 2!

  9. I’ll be having my first child around 35 … it sounds like I need to start saving extra if I’d be considered an AMA … My mom will tell me I told you so LOL She says I have to adopt now because I’m too old :O

    So happy that you and Mr. DrummerBoy are enjoying the pregnancy. You two are lucky! Baby Sunshine will be here before you know it.
    Arelis Cintron recently posted..Why Sunday Should START your week in #Gratitude.My Profile

  10. This is an AWESOME post! Its so funny, I had every intention of doing a post about lessons I learned after each trimester but pregnancy flies by SO fast! Now at 29 weeks, I still remember allll of these points you mentioned and they are all so real! My third trimester recap folds a lot of wisdom from my first two in and you will continue to learn so much from your journey. Good luck and congratulations to you and hubby! So excited for you 🙂


    Christina from BabyBrownSugar
    BabyBrownSugar recently posted..The Beginning of The End: 4 Lessons of My Third TrimesterMy Profile

  11. I think listening to your Doc, your mom, and your insticts is the smartest decision you can make. Happy to hear things are going well.
    chasing Joy recently posted..The Joy of Social Good, 2nd Annual Joy of Giving RecapMy Profile

  12. Congrats! I hop you have a smooth pregnancy and can;’t wait to see pictures.
    Rachee recently posted..East Passyunk’s ‘Spirits & Suds’ Jingles Into 14 Restaurants and BarsMy Profile


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