Baby Bump Diaries: 25 weeks

It’s time for another update Sunflowers! Baby Sunshine, Mr. DrummerBoy and I are all doing well but life is certainly changing…


“Make sure you sleep as much as can now because once the baby comes, it’s over with.” Umm…has anyone figured out how to do this? Pregnancy sleep seems to be just as obsolete as what I can expect post-delivery. Between finding a comfortable position, potty runs, heartburn and baby’s movements, sleep is not what I once knew. There are a few things that I’ve found helpful though:

  1. Rotating between my left and right side throughout the night seems to work best for me and this Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow helps a lot.
  2. When heartburn threatens to keep me awake, I make sure to elevate my upper body with pillows and keep a bottle of chewable antacids on my nightstand.
  3. Nighttime is when the baby is most active but we’ve found that playing soft music while we sleep seems to work well for all three of us 😉

Sadly, I haven’t found anything to work for the multiple nighttime potty runs but I must say that I am able to sneak in some pretty epic afternoon/evening sofa naps so I’m good.

1 Kick, 2 Kicks, 3 Kicks, 4?

According to all of the pregnancy apps and websites, most women begin feeling the baby kick around 23-26 weeks. Personally, I’ve felt movement (also known as quickening) since about 13 weeks however I’m not sure what I’m feeling now are actual kicks. I feel them several times throughout the day and am beginning to notice certain patterns but they don’t quite feel the way I was expecting. I describe them to Mr. DrummerBoy as “mini kicks”. Well, last week our sono revealed that Baby Sunshine is chillin’ under the placenta which is cushioning the kicks. So the docs and I suspect that the kicks will become stronger once baby’s positioning changes.

Cradling Literacy

As you may recall from this post, that I’ve been reading books including Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go!: A book to be read in Utero to Baby Sunshine. In addition to physical development, children’s social, emotional and cognitive development all begin in the womb. Research even suggests that a baby responds to sounds in utero in the same way he/she will outside the womb.  Given Mr. DrummerBoy’s and my musical inclination, we have also been playing music for Baby Sunshine with the help of Bellybuds® | Baby-Bump Sound System. It’ll be interesting to observe whether the baby recognizes these same sounds once on the other side =)

Preparation H

Last week I shared that I was feeling anxious about being in the hospital. Thank you to everyone who shared their experience and offered encouragement, I really appreciate it! In a couple of weeks, Mr. DrummerBoy and I will begin taking both a Childbirth Preparation class as well as a Baby Care class offered by our delivery hospital. We’ve also registered for a hospital tour…so I hope that some of this will alleviate my anxiety. I’m also beginning to think about my birth plan i.e. delivery type, induction, anesthesia, etc. All advice is welcome 😉

Well, that’s all for now. Keep the advice and stories coming…I can’t get enough 🙂 Leave your sunshine below.






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  1. I love reading your updates. So glad to hear that you’re doing good, sis. Love you much and I cannot wait to meet Baby Sunshine! Praying things continue to go go well…XO!

    Whitney ‘Nic’ James recently posted..What Nic Loves: Beyonce & Jay Z, Thrifting, and More!My Profile

  2. You are doing great. Here are a few suggestion for heartburn naturally: Yes, get all the sleep you can now.

  3. You’ll love looking back on these weekly updates once the baby is here.
    Keeping it real: The sleep you get now is the ONLY sleep you’ll ever get again. My son is almost 4 and still sleeps horribly.
    Read books on sleep training your child. It’s my biggest new regret and I vlogged about it:
    Joyce@MommyTalkShow recently posted..Farewell Greasy Kitchen Appliances #LiquidMuscle #AdMy Profile

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I enjoy the updates on baby sunshine. When I saw the heading preparation H I got scared for a minute. LOL
    Chasing Joy recently posted..7 Ways to Be Kind To YourselfMy Profile

  5. Awww. Love hearing the updates! I can’t wait to read to the baby. I also like the idea of playing the baby music. … Hmm I wonder if you can play Learn a Language audio so the baby comes out being fluent in different languages. Will definitely try that!

    I hope the tour does calm your nerves. Thanks for the tips on getting some sleep. Taking notes!
    Arelis Cintron recently posted..Genesis 1My Profile

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