Mommy Files: What I Learned the First Month of Motherhood

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Hi Sunflowers! I’m baaaaack and I’m a MOTHER!!! \O/ Yep, our precious baby girl is here and I’ve taken this time to adjust to motherhood. During my hiatus, I’ve had the pleasure of joining the contributor team over on Diary of a First Time Mom. Today I’m sharing my lessons learned from my 1st month of motherhood. Catch a sneak peek below and then head on over to read the full post here.

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P.S. Stay tuned for the complete deets on our birth story later this week!

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No one and nothing can ever prepare you for the rewards or the challenges of motherhood. Not a class, book, relative or friend. Surely I didn’t expect to be completely prepared but given my background  as an Aunt, Godmother, teacher and Early Care and Learning Consultant (for goodness sake!), I thought I was coming into this new job with tons of experience. I thought wrong. Motherhood is fun, hard, lonely, magical, humbling and life-changing. It is everything I’ve read about and heard other mothers say, but it is also so much more. There is an inexplicable spiritual and emotional aspect of parenting that can only be understood first hand.

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  1. And the journey continues :0)

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