‘Tis the Season for a Break Up

Have you ever been on a group call with you girls because one has news so exciting that she wants to share it with you all at once and just when she gets to the good part your left earbud slides out; and just as you get it back in place the right one slides out so by the time you get back on the call everyone is already expressing congrats so you chime in with your well wishes only to not find out the actual news until days later? No? Me neither.

Have you ever been in the zone getting your workout on to your newly created Leggo playlist only to lose your motivation once it becomes clear that you must limit your movements to that of a robot in order for your headphones to stay in place? No? Me neither.

Have you ever been on a conference call and the one time someone directs a question to you, you miss it because that’s the exact time that your earphones begin making weird sounds? No? Me neither.

Just in case any of the above ever DO happen to you, please know that #youdeservebetter and Monster knows that.

That’s why they are asking you to say goodbye to those generic commodity earbuds and step-up to superior crafted, better sounding Clarity HD in-ear headphones for an exceptionally comfortable auditory experience.

Monster  Clarity HD™ High Definition In-Ear Headphones are just that. With excellent sound, noise cancellation and three different size eartips you are guaranteed the headphone experience that you’ve long deserved.

Better Build

ClarityHD™ earbuds let users experience the world-renowned craftsmanship of Monster in-ear headphones. Careful reinforcement at critical stress points ensure protection from the fraying and tearing associated with generic earbuds. The wired ClarityHD™ models have flat, tangle-resistant cables and low-profile right angle connectors that stay out of the way and ensure a secure fit. Wireless models use the finest technology and build materials for a durable, long-lasting headphone that stands up to rigorous use.

Better Comfort

The Monster ClarityHD™ earbuds are deigned to fit perfectly no matter what your ear shape or size. They feature a patent applied oblique cone shaped front housing and a variety of soft-tip sizes that conform to any ear shape for a perfectly snug, comfortable fit that stays put and won’t slip out during activity. No more hard and wobbly earbuds. They are so light, users will forget that they are wearing them.

Better Wireless

The ClarityHD™ Bluetooth sets feature a dual battery design for double the life and all day listening. A USB charging port on the control box allows users to easily charge and the microelectronics are situated in line for better Bluetooth reception. The in-line mic is strategically placed at the ideal incidental angle for superior voice pick-up.

Better Sound
ClarityHD™ earbuds offer premium sound at an incredible value. They offer vibrant attack dynamics for horns and percussion instruments, rich, lifelike vocals, and powerful bass and crystal-clear high frequencies.

Better Calls

Thanks to Universal ControlTalk® Controls, users can take a call, shuffle music, skip a track or adjust volume. Additionally, the quality in-line high intelligibility microphone is placed at the optimal angle, which means improved voice pickup for crystal-clear calls and voice recognition.

Better Isolation

High-performance balanced acoustic chambers offer superior noise isolation–great for focusing on the music while working or studying and eliminating plane engine drone and other ambient noise while travelling.

What better time of year to ditch those other buds and usher in the holidays with the quality you deserve? These beauties come in an array of colors and make the perfect gift – under $50!!! They even have a wireless version for under $80. So head on over to monsterproducts.com to grab yours today! Use promo code ‘Monster Nation’ at checkout for an exclusive 20% discount good until December 25th.

Me? I’ll be celebrating my break up by jamming to my holiday tunes with my new boo 😉


Are you ready to give crappy earbuds the boot? What features are most important to you in an earbud? Leave your sunshine below.

*As part of the Monster Nation Influencer program, I was given this product for review however as always all opinions are my own. *





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