Babywearing in DC with Bitybean


One of the many reasons I love living in the DMV is our proximity to the National Mall. Admittedly, I don’t get down there enough so when one of my fellow Mocha Moms told me about an opportunity to participate in a photoshoot with Bitybean, I jumped at the chance.

Bitybean is a Vermont company dedicated to the mission of helping families get out and explore their world together. The Bitybean UltraCompact baby carrier is travel-friendly, small and compact, weighing only 8 oz and packing as small as a child’s water bottle! The carrier is safe, comfortable and conveniently packable, giving on-the-go parents the freedom to be ready for anything – from shopping to hiking, travel and family adventures.

I shared in this post that a baby carrier was my top overall pick for baby gear. Oh what fun we had one Monday morning as a  small group of parents (yes, there was a babywearing Dad among us!) and babies descended upon the National Mall! At the direction of the super fun and creative Rowan – from Bitybean – we captured some gorgeous and mostly candid shots of the beauty of babywearing.


It was a great day! The Bitybean carrier is indeed lightweight and is a wonderful option for outdoor outings during the warmer months. Its compact size and carrying case make it convenient to easily toss into a diaper bag or tote. I also love that they offer a waist extender to accommodate plus-sized parents. To learn more about Bitybean and their awesome baby carrier, please visit their website here.

Once the shoot was over, I noticed that Baby Sunshine had been eyeing the historic Carousel nearby so we decided to take our first ride together. My plan was to merely stand up while holding on to the carousel rails but the attendant convinced me to actually ride on one of the horses…besides I was wearing Baby Sunshine in the Bitybean which gives “…parents the freedom to be ready for anything”, right? Right!



Oh my poor baby and her down for anything (read: crazy) momma! When was the last time you were down on the Mall? Are you a babywearer? Have you ever ridden on a carousel with a  baby? Leave your sunshine below.







Disclaimer: As a participant of the photoshoot, I was given a complimentary carrier however writing this blog post was my choice and as always all opinions are my own.

Friday Sunshine

Happy Veteran’s Day!  Thank you to all of the men (including my dad, RIP) and women of the armed forces for their service to our country and the world!

Just dropping by to share some sunshine……

The People’s District is a website that shares the diverse stories of DC residents through simple yet insightful interviews.  This week’s profiles are on Dionte and Lorenzo, two young participants of City Blossoms, a non-profit committed to kid-driven, community engaging creative green spaces. Reading these posts brought such joy to me that I just had to share:

Dionte on Construction, but with Plants

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

When I grow up, I want to be a construction worker, but if that doesn’t work out, I will be a professional football player.

“I live on Girard St. and used to look out onto the garden, before it was a garden, from my window. This place used to be a dump and full of sand. The playground was all run down, and most of us weren’t allowed to play out here. Then one day, I saw the construction come, and they built a new play area for us kids. Now, we be out here playing football, riding our bikes, using the swings, and gardening. It’s nice to have a place where kids can come out and play instead of just staying all up in the house.”

To hear more from Dionte, please visit The People’s District here:

Lorenzo on His Award-Winning Watering

Friday, November 11th, 2011

“Hi, my name is Lorenzo and I live on Girard St. in North America. I am five-years-old, and I loooove gardening. I like to plant plants so that other people can have plants. Did you know that plants need water? It’s true, they get real thirsty just like people.”

For the rest of Lorenzo’s thoughts, please visit The People’s District here:

Be sure to continue to check back regularly with The People’s District for more DC sunshine and please be sure to support City Blossoms.

Did this bring you as much joy as it did me? Do you want to play on the playground with Dionte and Lorenzo too? Are there similar programs in your area bringing green spaces to the inner city?  Leave your sunshine below.

Review: SAX Restaurant

If you have never been, you MUST visit SAX Restaurant. Inconspicuously nestled in the heart of downtown DC, this restaurant is the perfect venue for that rare indulgent dining experience. From the red carpet entrance to the velvet and gold decor you are sure to let the troubles of the world dissipate once inside.

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Upon arrival, my friends and I began at the bar where we were presented with a pretty extensive drink menu but decided on the rare pineapple champagne which was very tasty! Once our complete party arrived we decided to head over to our table  – but not before the bartender served us a refreshing pre-dinner tuna tartare “bite”.  Seated just in time for the Burlesque show, we took some time to peruse the menu offerings for the $39 pre-fixe dinner. The show was very entertaining and classy.  Male and female dancers performed fascinating routines in 15-minute intervals behind a elevated glass encased stage…it really was quite lovely.

Once our orders were placed, our highly attentive and knowledgeable server  brought out the night’s chef’s choice amuse bouche: a cup of chilled pea and mint soup with goat cheese and ginger. Like the tuna tartare, this was a welcomed surprise. This soup is not something that I would ever order from a menu but the flavor combinations were so perfectly delicious that we knew then that we were indeed in for a real treat.

For Act 1, I had a bowl of seafood squash bisque w/ salmon “bacon”, crab, shrimp and mussels. Rich and creamy, this dish had the entire table in awe, literally.  Imagine smoked salmon combined with the best cream of crab soup you’ve ever had and your favorite shrimp bisque. We all kept looking around at each other as if to say “do you taste this?” LOL It was THAT good!

Table cleared of Act 1, we were then served a palette cleanser of cranberry sorbet. Just a spoonful, it was a nice mixture of sweet and tart. As we continued to enjoy the show, one of my girlfriends asked our server for another drink recommendation.  After asking her a few questions, our server smiled and said she had just the drink. She brought back a rosemary gin and tonic. Surprise, surprise…after one sip, my girl had us all convinced that we must try this drink.  Now I am by no means a gin and tonic type of girl, but baaaaby this here drink had me questioning my whole life.  Who knew?

Act 2 came in the form of strip loin served with eggplant puree and zucchini tarts. The loin was great however the real stars of this dish are the puree and tarts  – again two things that I would never think to order. At this point I was dangerously close to being full so I reserved half of this entrée for next-day lunch =D

My meal concluded with a Final Act of apple trifle desert layered in a flute.  The perfect ending to an almost unimaginable meal. I should probably mention that there was also a SAXual Chocolate cake that many of the other ladies equally enjoyed.  Finally in keeping with what we learned to be the “SAX way”, we were also served after-dinner petit fours of rosemary shortbread, passionfruit marshmallows and cocoa dusted almonds.

A night at SAX is definitely a must-do. The service (bartender, waitress, doorman, hostess, e’rebody!), ambiance (although a little too dark for some of us), food (duh!), drinks and show were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! For more information, visit the restaurant’s website at : .

Have you been to SAX? Do you find the dim lighting annoying? If there was a “guest dancers” night, would you sign-up? Leave your sunshine below.