Terms of Endearment (Glossary)

From time to time, I tend to use terms that not all will be familiar with.  Some may be common social media lingo, others my be own personal vernacular. Either way, if in doubt said terms will be identified here.  Feel free to let me know if I miss anything.

Sunshine – joy, positivity, happiness

DMV – DC, Maryland and Virginia geographic area

Mama Solstice – my mom

Little Miss Sunshine – our perfect baby girl

Mr. DrummerBoy – my boyfriend fiancé  beloved husband

Sunflowers – the lovely readers of this blog 🙂

o_O, O_0, O_o_O – side eyes; given when something is suspect/suspicious

LOL – laugh out loud

LMBAO – laughing my big %&$# off

WITW – what in the world?

urreah – “area” in the famous DC vernacular

IRL – in real life….you know, as opposed to online or via social media



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